The First Book of Hexa-Trex Puzzles

The First Book of Hexa-Trex Puzzles
by Bogusia Gierus and Alex Gierus

The object of the Hexa-Trex puzzle is to find a path through all the tiles to make a math equation. Try these fun and interesting Hexa-Trex brainteasers. Keep your mind sharp, with hours of challenging entertainment. This is the next puzzle phenomenon.
This book is perfect for the child practicing arithmetic wanting extra challenge, for the teacher trying to spice up math instruction, and for the everyday puzzler, who enjoys stimulation of the mind.

To try out some Hexa-Trex Puzzles, download the Hexa-Trex app (on Android) or online here:

Published by Nucleus Learning, Calgary, Alberta, 2007
Price: $5.95 CAD